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Association des retraité(e)s de l'Université McGill 


MURA is a member of the College & University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC). Click on the logo above to view the benefits of this affiliation.











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The McGill University Retiree Association (MURA) was officially established at its first Annual General Meeting in June 2015 with a mandate from several McGill employee associations and unions to serve as a university-wide association that was open to all McGill retirees. During the following two years, MURA entered into partnership agreements on membership and funding with the four major McGill employee groups MAUT, MUNASA, MUNACA, SEU-Trades (Downtown).  In 2018, MURA signed a Statement of Principles with University that officially recognizes MURA as an integral part of the McGill community.

MURA also represents McGill retirees as a designated member of the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada (CURAC), which links over forty member organizations located in all ten provinces. CURAC speaks publicly on issues of concern for the over fifteen thousand individual college and university retirees across Canada. In addition, CURAC holds a major conference annually that is hosted by a member institution; a role that MURA will assume on McGill’s Bicentennial in 2021.  CURAC also offers benefits to individual members through its affinity programs with travel and insurance companies and encourages exchange about best practices among member associations.  For more information on CURAC and its benefits, please consult the website:

What can MURA do for me?

  • Build a sense of community among those who retire from McGill.

  • Monitor policies of interest to retirees, especially on University benefits.

  • Organize social events such as concerts, lectures, cycling, restaurant group, information sessions, workshops, bookclub, bridge etc.

Who is included?


  • MURA has partnerships with MAUT, MUNASA, MUNACA, and SEU-Trades (Downtown) to serve all McGill retirees.

What are the benefits of membership?

  • Participation in the social activities of a dynamic community of McGill retirees.

  • A voice in the discussions about University benefits.

  • Free associate membership for spouses and/or significant other.

  • Membership in McGill Athletics at half the staff monthly rate. For information, please click here.

  • Automatic membership in CURAC, the College and University Retiree Associations of Canada that offers special rates on home & car insurance as well as travel.

How to join?

The annual membership is $25, paid either by cheque made out to MURA or by PayPal. Click on Membership Form for details. If you were a member of MAUT, MUNACA, MUNASA and SEU Trades (Downtown) at the time of retirement, the membership is free or at a nominal rate.

Further Information:

An informative article about MURA published in the McGill Reporter in February, 2015 can be accessed here.